* Papers provided by Emanuele Conte relevant to the topic On Wednesday, May 3 at 01:00 p.m., we will hold the second round of the legal history seminars of Roma Tre. Prof. Emanuele Conte will introduce the meeting with a study on Medieval “Order” versus Individualism: The Enduring Fascination of German Constitutional History, of which we enclose a Working Paper. We also attach a recent article.. read more →

Provisional version presented to the professors of the Law School in Chicago in April 2016   read more →

The work of Luca Loschiavo takes as its starting point a passage of Ammian – a sincere admirer of Rome – and his timely observation of the activities of urban prefects under the first years of the Valentinian Empire. The 4th century historian – illustrating the transition from the government of Julian the Apostate –.. read more →

On Wednesday, we will hold the first round of the legal history seminars of Roma Tre. Prof. Luca Loschiavo will introduce the meeting with a study on Law, Religion and Politics in the Fourth Century Rome, of which we enclose the abstract ABSTRACT No matter how brief it may have been, the reign of Julian (Autumn 361 – Summer 363) brought to.. read more →

Every first Wednesday of the month from October to June (h. 01:30 – 03:30 p.m.), the Legal historians of Roma Tre organise the Legal History Seminars of Roma Tre. The seminars are open to undergraduates, graduates, researchers and professors of Legal History (and related subjects) of the University of ‘Roma Tre’, ‘La Sapienza’ and ‘Tor Vergata ‘. All.. read more →