PROGRAM 2017/2018

Every first Wednesday of the month from October to June, h. 01:30 – 03:30 p.m.

Department of Law, University of ‘Roma Tre’, II floor, Room 278. Address: Via Ostiense 159, 00154, Rome, a few steps away from ‘St. Paul’ Metro B.

5th April 2017 h.13:30 – Room 278
Luca Loschiavo, University of Roma Tre

Law, Religion and Politics in the Fourth Century Rome

3rd May 2017 h.13:30 – Room 278
Emanuele Conte, University of Roma Tre

Medieval “Order” versus Individualism: The Enduring Fascination of German Constitutional History (PDF)

Thursday 8th June 2017 h 14:30 – Room 278
Paolo Alvazzi Del Frate, University of Roma Tre

Individualism and Constituent Power (18th-19th century): Reflections and Research Hypothesis

4th October 2017 h.13:30 – Room 278
Marta Cerrito, PhD Candidate at University of Roma Tre

Judicial settlements in the Regna of Sicily from Frederick II to Alfonso il Magnanimo (13th/14th century)

8th November 2017 h.13:30 – Room 278
Ian Wood, University of Leeds

Burgundian lawmaking, 476-534

6th December 2017 h.13:30 – Room 278
Flavia Mancini, PhD Candidate at University of Roma Tre in co-tutorship with the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris

Common properties and collective rights in Papal State: the role of the Sacra Congregatio Boni Regiminis (XVIII-XIX centuries)

10th January 2018 h.13:30 – Room 278
Dario Internullo, University of Roma Tre

Around the corpus of early medieval documents: typologies, texts, contexts

7th February 2018 h.13:30 – Room 278
Maria Rosa Di Simone, University of Tor Vergata

Reflections and notes from a research on the crimen magiae

7th March 2018 h.13:30 – Room 278
Dr. Andrew Cecchinato, Dr. Will Eves, Dr. Attilio Stella and Dr. Sarah White (University of St Andrews):

Consonance, Divergence and Transformation in Western Europe from the late eleventh to the thirteenth centuries

Round Table coordinated by prof. Emanuele Conte and prof. Sara Menzinger.

4th April 2018 h.13:30 – Room 278
Prof. Enrico Artifoni (University of Torino)
Prof. Emerito Pietro Costa (University of Firenze)
will present the volume:

Cittadinanze medievali. Dinamiche di appartenenza a un corpo comunitario, edited by Sara Menzinger, Roma, Viella, 2017

2nd May 2018 ore 13:30 – Stanza 278
Prof. Paolo Broggio, University of Roma Tre

Public authorities and private peaces in the Papal State: the Court of the Governor of Rome in the second half of the XVI century

6th June 2018 h.13:30 – Room 278
Marco FIoravanti, University of Roma Tor Vergata

Guarding the Power? A research on the imperative mandate in France between Ancien régime and Revolution